Many of us do not have the luxury of being able to afford a brand-new RV and to be able to enjoy the extended warranty that comes with it. Many of us are restricted to our purse strings and so we can only purchase an RV that we can afford. This generally means that we are buying a used vehicle that is over four years old and although we have taken every step to make sure that it has been properly maintained and looked after, there is no guarantee that we won’t have issues in the near future. As with any engine, your RV is going to need some care and attention throughout its lifetime and it needs to be done on a fairly regular basis. You can’t expect your RV to perform for you if you don’t provide it with the necessary oil and filter changes when they are due.

Some people have the attitude that if it isn’t broken, then it doesn’t need to be fixed, but that is their first big mistake right there. By ignoring the small issues at the beginning, they will turn into much larger problems later and this is when you really going to have to put your hand into your wallet and spend. You need to be taking your car to a garage to have it properly serviced, but there are some things that you can do to make sure that your vehicle is running smoothly and efficiently by yourself. If you are looking to spend a few months travelling around NZ, affordable campervan rental in Auckland is only a Google search away.

* Check the tyre pressure – This is a very simple thing to do and you can use a hand-held device that can be purchased for a little bit of money, or you can use the many tyre pressure gauges that you will find in petrol stations all across the country. If you’re not sure what the PSI years of your tyres, then open the driver’s side door and have a look along the side panel. It will give you a correct indication of how much pressure should be in the tyre and this is what you stick to. By taking is regularly, you are protecting the lifetime of your tyres and you are making sure that you can stop in the event of an accident.

* Check the oil & other fluids – Again, this is a very simple thing to do and you don’t need to take your car into your local garage to get these kinds of things checked. It will only take you a few moments to do and all you need is a clean, dry rag and a set of eyes. There is a dipstick at the front or side of your engine and this gives you an idea of the oil levels in the engine. Check it every time that you want to go out in your car and this will ensure that your engine is in order that it needs to run. Whilst you have the bonnet of, have a look at the other fluids in the car like brake fluid and antifreeze

Other simple things like just taking a walk around your vehicle to check for unspecified things and keeping your exterior clean and polished, all help to protect your vehicle.