As parents, it is our duty to teach the next generation about the value of life on our planet. To show our kids how to admire and respect the other species we share the planet with. If we do our job right, the next generation will better defend nature and protect habitats. Appreciation of nature is something you do anytime you encounter the natural world. But what about marine life? 70% of the earth’s surface is covered in water but getting close to the animals is challenging. Here are some tips to help your children to love the sea creatures too.

  • Ocean Documentaries: It’s difficult to get close to creatures that live in the sea, mainly because we find it necessary to breathe air. But also because many of them are hard to find. Fortunately, filmmakers with a lot of money and courage have produced many excellent documentaries about the undersea realm. These are sure to captivate and thrill your children while endearing them to the wonders of the sea.
  • Snorkelling: If possible, you should try to go snorkelling with your family in a safe location. It is hard to beat the experience of looking under the surface and seeing the vibrant colours and the variety of life right before your eyes. Some unique locations can guarantee safe contact with larger creatures, such as seal swimming in Narooma. A short search on the internet will show you the options nearest to you.
  • Tide pools: The next best thing to snorkelling is tide pools. This activity doesn’t require any swimming, and is generally very safe, if everyone knows to look but don’t touch. It is possible to spend hours enjoying and discussing the diversity of life in tide pools.
  • Aquariums: If you can’t get to the sea. It is still possible to get an up-close experience by visiting a public aquarium. Everyone loves to see the exhibits and aquariums do an extraordinary job of educating about the importance of marine habitats and the fragility of ocean ecosystems.
  • Whale Watching: Something that is unforgettable is getting up close to the world’s largest creatures. An experience with a whale is an event to treasure, and whale watching is available in many places worldwide on professional tours. See if one is available near you.

The good thing about teaching children about life in the sea is that most of the creatures there are very cool, so it is not difficult to get a child’s interest up. Just make sure that you instil the value and importance of protecting life in the sea along with the fun.