Do you find train journeys tedious where you just have to sit on your berth and stare out of the window aimlessly? When you do not have anything to do to entertain yourself. Well, it doesn’t have to be this way. There is a thread of cool ideas that you might want to explore. Once you have made your IRCTC train ticket booking, you can decide how you want to spend your time depending on the duration of your journey. Here are some great ways to spend your time productively while you are on the train.

  • Plan what’s next- You can take this time to plan what you are going to do after you reach your destination. If you are going on a vacation, plan your day-to-day goals. If you are going to be on a long trip, figure out how you can make it more productive. This way, you won’t have to worry about your activities once you alight from the train. You can even book train ticket for the return journey or for the next destination while you are on this train. It will save your time and energy for later.
  • Read a book- There is always this one book that we have been wanting to read but couldn’t find the time. This train journey is your opportunity to start reading and learning new things. Book train tickets early so that you can select a single seat at the side where you can do your reading peacefully.
  • Socialize- There is no better way to learn about the life stories, fun memories, and even struggles of other people than a long train journey. You can develop meaningful connections and bond closely with new people on the train if you are comfortable. However, make sure that you don’t share your details with strangers as it might be dangerous for you. You can make an IRCTC train booking from various travel apps available on the internet.
  • Watch movies and series- You will be sitting idly for the next few hours at least. Watch a movie or start a web series of your choice to keep yourself entertained. Making your IRCTC ticket booking for the later hours is a good idea as people are usually quiet and ready to retire to their respective births at that time. See it as an opportunity to binge-watch your favourite series. Make sure to download it beforehand as the network is not always available on the trains.
  •  Be creative- Utilize your time to learn something new or practise your hobby such as sketching, writing, etc. Take inspiration from the beautiful view outside your window and pour your thoughts onto the paper.

 Journeys can sometimes teach you more about the destination than the destination itself. Here are just a few ways to make your time on the train more fun, productive, and interesting. You can come up with more ideas to keep it enjoyable for yourself.