Bangalore might be known as the go-to city for a great career, but its topography also makes it a paradise for adventure junkies. Trekking, in particular, is the most popular weekend activity, given the plethora of surrounding hills. Further, the pleasant weather acts as a driving force to let you enjoy the captivating landscapes. Spending multiple hours climbing and walking through boulders improves strength and agility. Trekking can also reduce blood pressure and respiratory disorders, while offering a rejuvenating weekend getaway.

So, if you have booked New Delhi to Bangalore flights, do consider a trek to the incredibly spectacular destinations nearby. Here are a few of the most famous trails that are the top choices of local enthusiasts.

Nandi Hills or Nandidurga

Located approximately 60 km from the main city, these hills offer grand trekking opportunities. While booking your Bangalore to Delhi flights or researching about the city, consider checking cab services to reach Nandi Hills. The northern side is mainly for bikers and cyclists. So, consider the southern area for a proper trek. Through 1200 steps you can make your way to the top for an incredible view of Amrita Sarovar and Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace.


If you wish to embark on a same day trek, consider booking flight tickets from Delhi to Bangalore early morning. After landing in the city, you will need to travel another 54 km to explore Yatirajagiri, Ramadevara, Ramagiri and Revana Siddheshwara hills. What attracts tourists the most here are the silk market, a spot where Sholay was shot and bird watching near the ancient Pattabhi Rama Temple.


Located 61 km from the city, Skandagiri is a fairly tough trek, mostly enjoyed by pros. It is popularly known as Kalavara Durga and offers superb night treks and an opportunity to enjoy the sunrise and sunset amidst nature. The trek usually begins from the foot of the hill at Papagni Temple. Besides a maze of dense shrubs and two caves, one can also explore the architecture of Tipu Sultan’s old fort here.

Savandurga Hills

The two trails of Karigudda and Billigudda are ideal for nature enthusiasts. This is located 70 km from the main city and the trails run through the old fort built by Kempe Godwa. Tourists from all over the country come here to enjoy a thrilling night trek, which offers a breathtaking view of the city’s outskirts from the hilltop. Book your return flight tickets from Bangalore to Delhi accordingly to allow enough time for the adventure.


This is a classic spot for history buffs, with unmatched cave exploration opportunities. Located about 70 km from Bangalore, it is a spectacular combination of volcanic rocks, boulders, springs and a series of small hillocks. You will constantly have to twist, bend and crawl to trek through this tricky trail. This is one of the best spots for solo trips, where you can also see the sacred Arthgange Temple.

All these trekking trails offer sweeping panoramic views and a dash of adventure. In fact, it is a fruitful way to get away from the city’s chaos for a while. You are sure to carry back a bag full of pleasant memories on your Bangalore to Delhi flights back home.